$300 per song

Our team of industry professionals will mix and master your song to give it the competitive edge it needs in the age of streaming.

Steps to Making Your Music Shine

Step 1: Bounce your stems

  • Make sure all your stems are the same length

  • Bounce all your stems dry (no reverb or effects of any kind)

  • Make sure your sample rate and bit depth are at least 44.1khz and 16 bit

  • If you don't know how to bounce stems, click on the link to your DAW below for a quick tutorial

Ableton Pro Tools Logic Pro Garage Band

Step 2: Send them to me

  • Compress the folder with all of your stems

  • Send them to me in an email

Send Me Your Song

Step 3: Get your Mix:

  • That's it, I will email you a watermarked version of your song


Email me at: jayson@plaidskeleton.com

Call or Text me: (435) 773-7911