Rent Studio


If you're a producer and need a studio to bring your productions to the next level, Plaid Skeleton offers two rental services that cater to your needs.

Silver Tier $50/hour:

Have access to all of Plaid Skelton's professional-grade equipment, just bring your own computer and DAW of choice. Run the recording session by yourself and create professional recordings.

Gold Tier $75/hour:

Everything included in the Silver Tier as well as access to a world-class Audio Engineer to help set up microphones, run the board, and troubleshoot any issues you may run into working with high-level equipment.

For Either of These Services Contact Us:



435 773 7911

Practice Space


This package is perfect for bands or musicians looking for a place to make a lot of noise without complaints. Come in and use the space. Have full access to a PA system and a mixing desk to help your practice run smoothly.

For This Service Contact Us:



435 773 7911


Before using any of Plaid Skeleton's equipment,  competency with our equipment must be demonstrated to one of our certified Audio Engineers to minimize the risk of damage to the equipment. This competency may be demonstrated upon the first hour of your rental.