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In 48 hours or less, I will take any song recorded anywhere and turn it into a high quality polished track ready for streaming, radio or any other release

Industry Level Recordings

With Professionally Trained Producers

Our team of highly trained audio and music industry professionals will work with you to take your song from a demo to a industry competitive track, that will get the attention of your fans

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Dum - Dum Luv




Dum - Dum Luv



Why Hire Me

Did you know there are 4 million songs on Spotify with ZERO streams? The most crucial step in making music for the digital age is mixing and mastering. If your song sounds quiet and weak, then your song won't get the streams it deserves.

That's where Plaid Skeleton comes in. With years of industry experience, I know how to make a good song sound great.

Fix Your Mix

Steps to Making Your Music Shine

Step 1: Bounce your stems

Make sure all your stems are the same length

Bounce all your stems dry (no reverb or effects)

Make sure your sample rate and bit depth are at 44.1 khz and 16 bit or higher if you can

Step 2: Send them to me

Compress the folder with all of your stems and upload them using the form below

Step 3:

Get your Mix within 48 hours


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