Plaid Skeleton Studios offers a unique intimate recording experience that can be catered to any musical style. Our experienced engineers can help you find the sounds in your head, and bring them to life in a studio environment. With top-of-the-line equipment, Plaid Skeleton can capture the energy of an entire live band, or we can help build up a track, instrument by instrument. Whatever your recording studio needs are, Plaid Skeleton Studios is the perfect place for you to make the music you love.


Plaid Skeleton Studios boasts two highly experienced mix engineers, with a catalog of experience in all genres, including: Hip hop, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Orchestral, Choral, RnB, Pop, Funk, Singer-Songwriter, Folk, and other less definitive sounds. Plaid Skeleton approaches mixing with your ideal listener in mind. We use an arsenal of mixing techniques to make sure that when your music leaves our hands, it is exactly what you, and your fans, want to hear.


Plaid Skeleton Studios specifically tailors each mastering chain to each song that comes across our mixing console. No Presets, no mindless compression to solely make your song loud. Plaid Skeleton listens to each nuance of your music and builds a specialized master of your song that gives it the competitive edge it needs when placed on streaming services. Send us your mix and give your song the polish it deserves.


Are you new to making music and don’t know where to start? Or are you a veteran musician with hundreds of songs that just need that special something before you release them to the world? Either way, Plaid Skeleton’s production studio is the perfect place to create your vision. With two of Saint George’s premier music producers, and a variety of production credits across all genres, we can help you create your next hit song.


Don’t write any of your own music? Not a problem. Both of our producers are gifted songwriters, having ghost written songs for many different artists across all types of genres. Worried that you won’t like the song our team writes with you? Don’t be. If you don’t record the song our team writes with you, you can leave the song and not pay a dime.


Plaid skeleton offers full service podcast production, including recording, editing and managing distribution. We can accommodate your entire podcast crew, and help set up remote recording sessions via the internet. If you have something to say, let Plaid Skeleton help you say it to the world.


With decades of songwriting and composition experience between them, Austin and Jayson can create the perfect score for your movie, commercial, or YouTube channel. Don’t waste your time scrolling endlessly through stock music online, get custom tailored music for your project. Take your films to the next level with professionally produced scores.

Studio Rental

If you just need a space to record, hold band practice or mix your music, Plaid Skeleton offers specially catered packages to fit your needs. Click the button below for more information

Why Plaid Skeleton

Plaid Skeleton isn’t just a recording studio. Plaid Skeleton is a passion project run by two passionate music fans who want to see you succeed. Our relationship may start in the studio, but it doesn’t end there. With connections to radio stations, live music venues and touring artists, Plaid Skeleton would love to help you jump start your career in music.